School ERP Solution

Shreetek Solutions School ERP is a unique and comprehensive School Management Software/ School Administration Software for all entities viz. Students, Teachers, Management, and Parents of an educational institution. It is a simple yet powerful one point integrated platform that connects all the departments of an institution namely office, fee counter, library, Hostel, stores, academics, auto generated Timetable, Transport, Questionnaire, Staff leave & payroll calculation and so on.

Shreetek Solutions School ERP addresses School Management, Interaction, Knowledge Management and communication issues both in the school and on net. The campus version of the application is again a browser based application and thus it is highly acceptable among the users and very easy to deploy and manage. It is the only application that gives two way synchronization of data with online and offline versions. This way whatever you do in school is available on your web site secure and personalized and the same is applicable vice-versa.

Our School ERP solution can be integrated with smart cards, bio-metrics and bar codes as per the schools requirement.