Hospital SOFT

Shreetek Solutions Hospital Management Software – Hospital Online is an integrated end-to-end software application meant to make the administrative and management work at a hospital streamlined. The software application covers every aspect of hospital administration and management processes. The Hospital Online is prepared keeping in mind the need to provide all relevant information in a hospital at the disposal of the hospital administrator to take effective decision with regard to patient care, hospital administration and finances. It is fully capable for working with multi-specialty in hospital systems and is well equipped to cover all the processes related to day–to day functional areas of a Hospital.

This application allows for all disparate files on a patient to be housed in a centrally located master file, ensuring easy retrieval and management of files as well as faster integration. It also allows its client to add a variety of other hospital related suits to their application modules.

The Hospital Online supplied by Shreetek Solutions includes high level of scalability, allowing the user to add or delete any module as per requirement, add and remove any type of record as well as take a print out of any record as and when required. The easy interoperability of the software application allows the administrator to access the various modules of Hospital Online independently from any location through a computer that is connected to the main system of the hospital. The innovative Hospital Online provides the user to have streamlined operations, enhanced administrative capability, provide superior patient care, reduced cost and enhanced profits.

Hospital Online includes modules such as patient billing, patient record, insurance and contracts management, patient registration, appointment scheduling, patient relations, doctors work scheduling, equipment maintenance, hospital administration, nurse work scheduling, operation theater management, patient admission/discharge/transfer, patient bed management, tax management, patient ward management, pharmacy, medical records, pathology records, patient diet management, salary disbursement, housekeeping, and financial accounting.

Shreetek Solutions Hospital Online is an easy to maintain, ready to run, scalable, affordable and reliable cost saving tool suited for small, medium, and large hospitals and nursing homes. With an immaculate record of on time and within budget delivery we are preferred ERP vendors for most of the hospitals.