Shreetek Solutions has made significant investments in physical and technological infrastructure, intellect and other resources, creating world class facilities that ensure sufficient capacity to sustain the growing business needs, and providing delivery of high quality solutions to our clients.

Facilities, fully equipped with the latest software tools & hardware infrastructure available at Shreetek Solutions, enable us to provide effective process guidance for the task at hand. The entrant facility makes the interaction with the client effortless all through the software development life cycle. Shreetek Solutions always has the latest equipment, as well as a possibility to extend our infrastructure quickly if needed.

“We have state of the art infrastructure to intake 30 projects at-a-time with over 90+ employment capacity for software development, multimedia technologies, testing and support facilities.”


Build up area of more than 6,500 sq. ft. spread over two offices in the city of Kolkata with additional free space for recreation facilities.

  • Adequate storage area facility
  • Adequate fire safety system
  • Ergonomically designed furniture
  • Completely networked work environment
  • Network security and Disaster Management
  • Preventive / Corrective Maintenance of Software
  • High-End Dual Pentium Servers (UNIX, Linux, Windows)
  • Pentium IV Desktop PCs

We have a secure Internet connectivity with:

  • Safe Internet Access and Dial-Up connectivity with multiple redundancies
  • Firewall protection of entire network
  • Installation of virus protection and intrusion detection software
  • Powerful LAN Backup for quick and effective data recovery
  • UPS systems that ensure no occurrence of data loss due to power failures


We have 5 dedicated leased lines for all our development facility supported by a backup broadband cable link in case the leased line fails. All the facilities have dedicated dialup terminals in the offices in case of extreme contingency. Our clients communicate with us via various modes some of which involve having a end to end connectivity between offshore setup and client / our offices with possibilities of voice chat, video conference, sharing a white board, remote installations, access into each other’s networks, and a powerful CRM system which we use for continuous updating of day to day activities and efforts.

Server & Technological Environment

We have an internal hosting server on Real IP for our clients to view the status of their development work on production servers at any phase of their development cycle thereby providing complete transparency in our facility. Apart from this we have a rack of servers at our development setup in India with 16 independent IP with Linux, NT, .Net, Java, ASP, MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle Support.