Application Migration

Shreetek Solutions’s Application Migration solutions are tailored to help organizations deal with their outdated technologies. We have a strong competency in .NET application migration on multiple platforms. Through our migration solutions, we enable organizations to manage and structure their IT architecture and thereby, minimize their IT investments and enhance business performance.

Our migration solutions contain Database migration, Language migration, OS migration or Application Reengineering. We provide pre and post migration support and ensure that the migration process is a smooth transition from one platform to another without any undue performance lapse or process stagnation.

Combining our systems knowledge with migration expertise, we utilize the best-of-breed technology to migrate mainframe applications to distributed client/ server or web-enabled systems.

The highlights of our service include:

  • Database Migration
  • Language Migration
  • Operating System Migration
  • Code Restructuring
  • Performance Optimization
  • Pre and Post Migration support
  • Reduced time-frames, sliced-down costs